איש.ת כיולים והרכבות אופטו-מכאניות לחדר נקי – 1007

תיאור המשרה

לחברה מובילה בתחום העיבוד שבבי והרכבות אופטיות דרוש.ה איש.ת כיול מכלולים אופטיים

והרכבת מערכות משולבות מכאניקה מדויקת ואופטיקה לעבודה בחדר נקי

עבודה עם תוכנות ממוחשבות, עבודה בצוות

משרה מלאה: א’-ה’. ימי שישי בעת הצורך

שעות העבודה: 07:30-16:36  + ש”נ בעת הצורך

דרישות התפקיד

ניסיון בכיולים אופטיים ובטיפול בפריטי אופטיקה – חובה

ניסיון במכשירנות אופטית והרכבות מכלולים משולבים מכאניקה ואופטיקה בסביבה נקייה/חדר חושך – יתרון משמעותי

ידע במערכות ממוחשבות – חובה

אנגלית טכנית ברמה גבוהה – חובה

גישה טכנית, דייקנות, אחריות אישית, יכולת עבודה בצוות ובשיתוף פעולה

הגשת מועמדות


משרות נוספות

שמים דגש על הצוות

Dagesh Group’s New Quality Assurance Manager

Meet Dagesh Group's latest hire: Revital Barda, the company's new Quality Manager .

Emphasizing the Team

If you’ve visited the Dagesh Group in recent years, you’ve probably met Avi Wolf. Avi has been the clean rooms’ manufacturing manager for the past 17 years, a beloved and distinguished employee of the Dagesh Group who’s served in his fair share of roles. Avi manages the group’s three clean rooms and is responsible for all the assemblies developed within them and the 50 staff members who run this complex operation. If you were to ask Avi about his favorite part of his job, he’d probably say that working at Dagesh is like being part of a close-knit family.

Emphasizing the Team

Meet Keren Yaakov, Operations Manager of the Dagesh Group’s Control Branch. Keren is proud to be one of the founding members of the company, and is celebrating 25 years of work here! As one of the company’s most veteran employees, Keren has achieved the reputation of a first-class professional, an expert and valued manager, and a sociable colleague who’s always nice to be around.

Emphasizing the Team

Meet Shlomi Cohen, Production Manager at the Dagesh Group. Cohen has been working at Dagesh for 18 years, and feels at home there. Cohen attests that he has a challenging and interesting job incorporating advanced technologies, alongside comfortable working conditions and a sense of gratification and success.

Emphasizing the Team

Introducing Eli Haik, Logistics Manager at Dagesh Group. With 14-years’ experience in the company, Eli is proud to tell that, “Dagesh is a technologically advanced company that keeps leading progress and innovation for its clients,” with every employee can lead significant changes and put new technologies into work.

Emphasizing the Team

Meet Rafael Kahlon, planning and control team leader at Dagesh Group. After working at Dagesh for 11 years, he feels completely at home, sees his work as a mission, draws from it personal and professional satisfaction and is surrounded by friends who have long became his family.