Dagesh Career

During his three years at the company, Haran Venetian went through several stations. From his first role as Supplies Controller in the Production Operations Department, which he described as a cross-sectional role that allowed him to get to know the company’s divisions, dealings and processes well: acquisitions, warehouse, control, manufacture and assembly.” At the same time, he also acquired knowledge and experience operating the Kitron MRP system used to manage the Dagesh production plant.

After 18 months in the company, Venetian was promoted to the Manufacturing Department, where he learned the inner workings of the company’s production process and quality control. As part of his position, he identified process chains and characterized bottlenecks, aiming to improve them and make them more efficient. “The job started with learning the 3-hinge wing through observation,” Venetian says. “Where I learned how a production floor operates, its limitations and needs, I was also able to see the machinery and the difficulties the employees faced.”

After a few months, Venetian advanced in the company to become Burring Department Manager, a position he holds to this very day. He attests that in this role, he applied much of the knowledge he had accumulated about the technical world of machining, improved production processes, and built a division combining manual labor with automatic production processes. “I’ve incorporated a robot into the production process, aimed at making worktime more efficient and improving product quality. Thanks to automation and efforts to improve work processes, I am proud to say the Burring Department is efficient and lean, successfully initiating new employees,” Venetian tells.

“A feeling of being at home, allowing personal and professional development”

Before he started working for the company, Haran Venetian studied therapeutic horseback riding. However, the managers at the Dagesh Group saw beyond his official training and recognized his potential, giving him room to learn and develop, and completely backed him up. “They realized my ability to review processes, and the fact that I was self-educated. They gave me a golden opportunity to get into the field despite lacking academic education,” he shared. “The management at Dagesh, specifically Matan Franken, Production Manager at the Dagesh Group, regarded the quality of my work and gave me a feeling of being at home, allowing personal and professional development. They encouraged my curiosity to learn process improvement, and found roles for me where I could grow, and which played to my strengths.”

According to him, the managers at the Dagesh Group maintain an open-door policy, enabling any employee to bring ideas to the table regardless of their status in the company, as well as standing out and advancing. “The group emphasizes the quality of the work and promotes employees according to their successes, rather than academic degrees.”

Thinking Outside the Box

When asked about his career path at the company, Haran Venetian summarized: “I got to know the field of production and supply chain management at Dagesh, and all of production, especially machining. I’ve advanced my technological thinking by reading complex sketches and have developed three-dimensional thinking.” According to Venetian, each role he served at Dagesh held a new challenge: managing different people, leading complex production processes, managing a diverse department, problem-solving and creative thinking. “Work allows me to think outside the box, and challenges me to advance and learn new things every day.”

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