Emphasizing the Team

Meet Rafael Kahlon, planning and control team leader at Dagesh Group. After working at Dagesh for 11 years, he feels completely at home, sees his work as a mission, draws from it personal and professional satisfaction and is surrounded by friends who have long became his family.

Career development in the world of production

Kahlon graduated from Bar-Ilan University with a Practical Engineering degree in Industry and a B.A. in Economics and Logistics. He went through several stations during his time in the company. He was a student when he joined the Dagesh Group, back in 2011, and his first role was account manager. “The perspective in this role was a marketing one and the work was mostly with the clients on a daily basis. After three years I was offered the Project Assistant Manager position in the Marketing Department. I learned the field of Production Planning and Control in the field, in motion and through experience. Luckily, I had great mentors, such as Daniel Yaakov, Head of Supply Chain, who was always there for me to consult, ask questions and resolve issues.” 

Three years later, the company decided to expand the Planning and Control department. “I acted, together with Meital Bachar, Planning and Control Manager. Together, we established a masterful department, and I was promoted to Team Leader.”


Main junction in the production process

The Planning and Control department includes 15 employees, and is managing the various projects for the company’s clients, throughout their stages. The department gathers all the supply chain activities, from receiving the order, putting them into production and going over their MRP needs (Materials Requirements Planning).“ Here, at Production Planning and Control, we approve all the projects that the marketing and account management department put up on the system. We analyze the project’s needs and produce the requests for the acquisition and production departments. The order also goes through Project Management department in the pricing process, and we are responsible for watching for any flags and seeing if there were any mistakes along the way, such as wrong quantities, incorrect price or a wrong serial number in the order,” Kahlon explains. “We are then responsible for tracking the schedules and making sure the products are ready on time.” In addition, the department analyzes client predictions according to the planned outlook and calculations of previous processes, perfecting the requirements for the rest of the project.

“For instance, we started working with a new client at Dagesh called Camtek, from the field of semiconductors, which started by requiring single units,” Kahlon explains. “After having completed the product prototype we received a consumption prediction from the client of 30 systems per week, for the next six months, and had to recalculate in order to increase the production output. Within a quarter alone, we’ve increased production to 100 systems a month. We were able to increase production capacity times 2.5, thanks to a careful consideration of the efficiency of the process, defining assembly line installation manufacture batches (production and assembly portion sizes), production and material purchasing long-term planning, improving facilities, recruiting professional manpower for the project and recruiting an assembly line team leader.”

Job benefits

“As both employee and manager, I’m very happy with the company. I got to enjoy versatile promotion options at Dagesh, which allowed me to develop the professional side and realize my potential,” says Kahlon. “Since this is my first workplace in the industry, I acquired all my professional knowledge here. Other than that, I very much appreciate the personal and warm treatment by the company owners, the managers’ leading by example, the job security and, of course, the proximity to my home.”

According to Kahlon, working at Dagesh is very challenging and allows employees to make the best of their potential. “Work allows me to keep on developing for the simple reason that Dagesh always thinks of how they can learn and improve in a certain field, finetune and find new managerial tools and be at the forefront of technology; it’s an approach that is rooted in everyone, from the managers all the way down to the very last employee. The work makes me creative, get better at finding solutions to issues and think outside the box.”

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