Emphasizing the Team

Meet Shlomi Cohen, Production Manager at the Dagesh Group. Cohen has been working at Dagesh for 18 years, and feels at home there. Cohen attests that he has a challenging and interesting job incorporating advanced technologies, alongside comfortable working conditions and a sense of gratification and success.

Developing a Career at Dagesh

Cohen, a practical machine engineer and programmer, joined the Dagesh Group in 2004 as a 3-hinge Sharnoa machine operator. After two years in the position, he was promoted to a 5-hinge machine operator and worked on three types of German-made DMU machine: small, large and engraving-incorporated.

In 2011, Cohen was appointed Team Manager of 5-hinge machines in the Production department. In his role as team leader, he trained employees professionally alongside production using Hands-On machines.

After three more years, Cohen was promoted to Manager of the 5-hinge department. As part of his job, Cohen was responsible for the daily management of the teams, regulating workloads, training, promotions, team-building, following up on attendance and meeting goals. He says that “entering the role was good due to the accompaniment of Matan Franken, the head of the Manufacturing Division at the Dagesh Group. I had to learn to navigate the pressure as I go, to be attentive to employees’ needs and provide solutions for any situation.”

In 2017 Cohen was promoted to Programing Division Manager at the Dagesh Group. According to him, “in order to refresh my knowledge of programming and learn the latest innovations in the field, I sat down with a veteran programmer and delved into the SolidCAM machine, which converts G-Code machine language.”

In 2020 Cohen was appointed General Production Manager, his current role. As a production manager, Cohen is directly responsible for about 100 employees in the 3-hinge, 5-hinge and programming departments: “The departments I manage are in charge of taking models and processing them in machines, cutting and manufacturing all the parts needed for the machine in the manufacturing process.” He also says: “We produce machine parts for companies of different fields, including medical devices, the security industry and the hi-tech support industry.”

Machining is Like an Art

Cohen speaks of his activity in the Dagesh Group with great passion: “The company sets for itself a goal to stand at the forefront of technology, and as a result I am exposed to a variety of new software, advanced processing machines, robotics and advanced processing tools. We still deal with the machining field, characterized by innovation and obligating creative thinking, which produces a lot of interest and challenge in the work, allowing myself and my team to feel real satisfaction.” He adds: “Machining is like an art, there’s a constant need to think about process improvement and product visibility.”

Friends Like Family

After 18 years in the company, Cohen has created deep personal bonds and made great friends who are like family to him. “I have a few good friends I met here,” he says. “We meet every now and then in the evenings or on weekends, mostly BBQ and hang out with our families, that’s without mentioning the team-building days for the entire Production department.”

“Beyond the challenge and satisfaction I get from my work,” Cohen summarizes, “the greatest advantage of Dagesh is that the company gives its employees a sense of family and home, taking care of their well-being and providing them with financial security and occupational stability.”


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