Digital Printing

The Dagesh Group is developing precise digital printing systems for lead manufacturers in the industrial print industry, meeting all requirements and standards and in full collaboration with its clients, which include HP, Landa Digital Printing, Kornit Digital and Twine.

The large-format digital printing systems provided by the Dagesh Group for its clients are suited to large-scale printing, with maximal efficiency and variety of implenentations, from fabric-dyeing technology to printing billboards. The quick-print systems meet the demands and protocols of the highest quality.

The Dagesh Group’s industrial printing systems include:

  • Build to Print items
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer equipment, in varying sizes
  • Large skeletons containing mechanical systems, propulsion systems, dye tanks, cables and more

The Dagesh Group works with all its clients in full collaboration. Each client is assigned a designated and permanent team of engineers with vast experience and a deep understanding of the field of digital printing, and are responsible for managing the project and the machine from the planning and operating stages to ongoing maintenance.


Digital Printing: The Future of the Printing Industry

Dagesh Group, specializing in developing and manufacturing custom-fit systems and hardware solutions, also provides a wide range of services in the field of digital printing. In this article, we will review the digital printing technology, existing printing types, the industry, requirements and standards, as well as the latest developments in this fascinating field.

Dagesh Group’s New Quality Assurance Manager

Meet Dagesh Group's latest hire: Revital Barda, the company's new Quality Manager .

Certificates and Standards

Dagesh F.K. is very proud to uphold the highest standards in the industry, and achieve various certificates that guarantee our clients get the best services and products. You can find all these standards, certifications, and diplomas below, showing our commitment to quality and excellence for our clients and their products.

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