The Dagesh Group

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About Us

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Dagesh Group Subsidiaries

The executive arm of the Dagesh Group, providing full projects of planning and engineering for opto-mechanical systems including filming systems, lighting, precise propulsion systems and more.

Using the planning and engineering abilities of Etrog Engineering, the Group provides full project planning, engineering and NPI in accordance with the preferences of the client and the industry; security, civilian, semiconductors, printing and more.

This subsidiary develops, produces and markets advanced solutions for treatment and shipping to manufacturers of flatscreen monitors (FPD), photovoltaic equipment (PV), and Chucks for the semiconductor industry.

With more than 800 clients worldwide, you can find CoreFlow’s contactless buoyancy solutions on the manufacturing floors of many lead FPD factories. CoreFlow has decades of expertise in integrated aeromechanics, providing its clients with peerless quality, precise and stable production solutions, minimizing the risk and maximizing the production process output.

CoreFlow Headquarters resides in Israel, but its sales representatives are deployed globally and are situated in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Germany.

כתוב את הכותרת כאן

Kobi Franken, entrepreneur and company CEO, started his professional journey at the Beer Yaakov Professional School, where he learned metal milling and engraving. In his first position he operated a machine at ELOP. His managers recognized his potential and passion for the field, and quickly promoted him to the position of machine calibrator, and after two years he advanced into a programming position, writing code.

In 1994 Kobi decided to go his own way and established the Dagesh Group as a family business in a garage yard in Ness Ziona. At this point Kobi, already a father of 3, was working simultaneously as an employee of ELOP during the day and independently at Dagesh at night. In 1995 he recruited his first employee, Chaim (a technologist who continues to work at the company to this day). In 1996 the factory moved to a larger complex in Rehovot, and became completely independent. By ’98 Dagesh had 8 employees and were operating a number of machines around the clock (all 8 are still working at the company). The Opal Company, later known as Applied Materials, were the company’s first clients.

Today the company consists of 340 employees, and is situated in Yad Binyamin, producing technologies for its clients which shape all our futures.


  • Advanced technology
  • Uncompromising professionalism
  • Familial environment – a professional home for employees
    A place to grow


The slogan “The Sky’s the Limit and the Way is Courtesy” is emblazoned in our main meeting room. The Dagesh Group is a familial company that operates for the Israeli community, environment and industry.

Community – Dagesh takes an active part in educating the next generation using development and promotion of programs that attach Ort high school students to the company’s engineers. The engineers in the program provide the students with assistance and support through all stages of work until the technological project’s completion, and attach it to practical application outside the classroom.

Likewise, the company strives to incorporate employees with special needs, and employs workers in a variety of roles in collaboration with the Reut Association.

Environment – Using the technologies the Dagesh Group develops for its clients, the Group works to reduce air pollution and aids in improving the environment and quality of life for everyone.

Israeli Industry – As an active member of the Israeli Manufacturers’ Union, Kobi Franken recognizes that the chip world in Israel is gradually disappearing, factories are closing overnight. So we at Dagesh seek to bolster Israeli industry and small factories, whose existence is vital for the high-tech companies active in Israel.

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